What Faculty and Staff need to know about reaffirmation

Kent State Faculty and Staff are vital in providing and delivering the services, education and core components outlined in the HLC criteria for accreditation. To ensure that Kent State's accreditation is reaffirmed it is critical that faculty and staff be aware of... 

  1. Kent State's vision, mission and core values
  2. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  3. Our institutional accreditation process
  4. The HLC accreditation criteria
  5. The dates of the HLC site visit
    • April 14-15, 2025
  6. How the university as a whole is working to meet the HLC criteria 
  7. How faculty and staff can be involved?

During an HLC site visit, Peer Reviewers may randomly ask students, faculty or staff questions about Kent State or accreditation. Here is a list of possible questions that can be used to help prepare. Remember, maintaining accreditation requires engagement from the entire university community. 

Questions HLC may ask faculty and staff

General Questions

  • What do you know about accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission?
  • What distinguishes Kent State from neighboring institutions?
  • What are Kent State’s greatest strengths?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing Kent State?
  • What is it like to work at Kent State?
  • How is morale on campus?
  • Do you believe academics are a priority at Kent State? Why or why not?
  • Describe any campus processes that could be improved or made more efficient.
  • What kind of changes are taking place at Kent State? Do you see these as positive or not?

Questions about Accreditation Criteria

Criterion 1

  • Do you know Kent State’s mission statement? How would you describe it?
  • Do you know where you would find the official mission statement?
  • Do you support the mission?
  • How does your college/department/school support the mission?
  • How were you involved in the strategic planning processes at Kent State?
  • Are you familiar with the Kent State core values?
  • Do you support the core values?
  • How does Kent State support students who are underprepared or struggling?
  • Are budget decisions made based on the strategic goals of the university?
  • Do budget decisions take into account recommendations from academic program review?
  • What do you believe have been the major accomplishments of Kent State over the last ten years?
  • How do Kent State’s processes/activities reflect attention to human diversity?
  • How does Kent State support the community at large?
  • Are Kent State’s marketing materials accurate and up to date?

Criterion 2

  • Is Kent State committed to equal educational/employment opportunities?
  • Describe the campus climate at Kent State.
  • Describe shared governance and how faculty participate in decision-making at different levels of the university (department, college, institution)
  • For some common faculty issues (workload, salary, sabbatical leaves, etc.), what works well and what needs to be improved?
  • Are you satisfied with the support you receive to enhance your teaching?
  • Are you satisfied with the support you receive to enhance your scholarship?
  • Have Kent State administrators established a culture of trust within the university?
  • Do you understand the FERPA policy?
  • Does Kent State have academic and financial requirements which are presented clearly and completely to students and the public?
  • What are the major responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?
  • Who is responsible for curriculum additions/deletions/modifications?
  • Who is responsible for academic policy creation/modification?
  • Do you, faculty, believe you have academic freedom in your teaching?
  • Does Kent State have policies and procedures in place to address ethical conduct in research for both faculty and students?

Criterion 3

  • What is the process for making curriculum changes in your academic programs?
  • What is the purpose of Kent State’s general education program? How do you know if it is achieving its purpose? How could it be improved?
  • How do you know your majors are attaining the program learning outcomes?
  • What is your school/department’s vision for the future? How does it relate to the university’s vision?
  • How is course quality and consistency ensured in multiple section face-to-face courses? In online versions of face-to-face courses?  In concurrent enrollment courses?
  • Does your school/department offer courses or programs via distance education? If so, how does your school/department ensure the quality of the curriculum?
  • Does the university provide support for the development of on-line courses?
  • Are the classes offered by your department taught by qualified faculty including adjuncts and concurrent enrollment course instructors?
  • What is the role of faculty in ensuring academic quality?
  • Can you describe the tenure and promotion process? What is your impression of the process?
  • Do you know what Kent State’s Quality Initiative was these past three years?
  • Does Kent State provide sufficient technology support?
  • What resources are available to support faculty? Are they sufficient?
  • Are you involved in research? Does Kent State’s research focus further its mission?
  • What opportunities do students in your program have to gain experience with research? With community or civic engagement? With diversity or multiculturalism?
  • How would you characterize the relationship between faculty and administration?
  • Are students provided with adequate academic and personal support services?
  • Are students provided with sufficient and relevant co-curricular experiences?
  • Does Kent State have a commitment to retention and progression to graduation? How successful have the efforts been?
  • Are facilities and classrooms sufficient and appropriately maintained?
  • How do you track your graduates to determine how successful they are after they graduate?

Criterion 4

  • Describe the academic program review process used at Kent State.
  • Describe the transfer policy for general education courses.  For major courses.
  • Are Kent State faculty appropriately qualified?
  • Describe the general education course approval process.
  • Is your school/department actively involved in assessing student learning?
  • How has your school/department/program used its assessment findings?
  • How is Kent State doing with regard to first year retention rates? Graduation rates?
  • What is Kent State doing to improve retention/graduation rates?

Criterion 5

  • What are the different streams of revenue utilized by Kent State to fund the institution?
  • What challenges do you believe Kent State will need to deal with in the next 10 years?
  • Do you understand the annual budget process?
  • Are capital improvements (facilities, technology, equipment) based on strategic needs of the institution?
  • Do you believe the Board of Trustees is aware of important initiatives being undertaken on the campus?
  • What is the role of Faculty Senate?
  • How are faculty given the opportunity to provide input into important initiatives?
  • How are assessment results taken into consideration during the budget decision making process?
  • How are academic program review recommendations taken into consideration during the budget decision making process?
  • How are strategic planning goals taken into consideration during the budget decision making process?