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Vice President and University Secretary

Charlene K. Reed, Ph.D.Charlene K. Reed, Ph.D.

Vice President and University Secretary


  • B.A. in Mass Media/Communications, The University of Akron
  • M.A. in Higher Education Administration, The University of Akron
  • Ph.D. in Education, The University of Akron

Job Description

Responsible for providing comprehensive administrative support to the president and Board of Trustees; facilitates communication and information exchange between members of the Board, the president, university administration, and external agencies and contacts. Vice President Reed provides senior staff support to the president regarding the administration and dissemination of information for the President’s Cabinet and executive team; works with the major university offices in coordinating and delivering crisis response; and serves as the president’s designee on various committees and special projects. As university secretary, Reed coordinates the institutional policy-making process with the Board, president and executive officers; advises the Board on emerging issues, legislative activity and university policy; and oversees and manages the work of the Board.

Direct Reports

  • Associate Chief of Staff, Vacant
  • Director, Board Operation and Technology, Michael Kavulic

Contact, 330-672-2210

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