Vice President and University Secretary

Charlene K. Reed, Ph.D.Charlene K. Reed, Ph.D.

Vice President and University Secretary


  • B.A. in Mass Media/Communications, The University of Akron
  • M.A. in Higher Education Administration, The University of Akron
  • Ph.D. in Education, The University of Akron

Job Description

Vice President Reed is responsible for providing comprehensive administrative support to the president and Board of Trustees; facilitates communication and information exchange between members of the Board, the president, university administration, and external agencies and contacts; serves as Chief of Staff to the President; and oversees university-level events. Vice President Reed provides senior staff support to the president regarding the administration and dissemination of information for the President’s Cabinet and executive team; works with the major university offices in coordinating and delivering crisis response; and serves as the president’s designee on various committees and special projects. As university secretary, she coordinates the institutional policy-making process with the Board, president and executive officers; advises the Board on emerging issues, legislative activity and university policy; and oversees and manages the work of the Board.

Direct Reports

  • Associate Chief of Staff, Lashonda Taylor, Ed.D. 
  • Senior Board Operations Manager, Charlene Nichol

Contact, 330-672-2210

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