Examples of MLS Programs, Capstone Essays and Internships

Examples of Master of Liberal Studies Programs, Capstone Essays and Internships since 1998

Areas of Study: Public Administration, Design Innovation, Emerging Media and Technology, Higher Education
Essay Title: The Importance of Organizational Change Management in Successful IT Project Implementations

Areas of Study: Art History, Art Education, Classics, English, Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction
Essay Title: Integrating the Arts

Areas of Study: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sociology, Public Administration
Internship: Sandusky KOA Bayshore Holiday Campground

Areas of Study: Health Development and Family Studies, Studio Art, Special Education, Health Education
Essay Title: Making Connections: Nature, Recreation, and Creative Expression Promote Healthy and Strong Families and Individuals

Areas of Study: Educational Technology, Management and Information Systems, Criminology and Justice Studies
Essay Title: Online and Blended Learning:  Before, During, and After a Global Pandemic

Areas of Study: Library and Information Science, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology
Internship: Children’s Museum of Houston

Areas of Study: Social Work, Higher Education, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Career and Technical Teacher Education
Essay Title: How Can Today’s Career Minded Young Professionals Address the Impact of Fast Fashion in Building a Wardrobe?

Areas of Study: Public Administration, Health Development and Family Studies, Educational Psychology
Internship: youthOPPORTUNITIES! Summer TANF Program 

Areas of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication, Theater, Sociology, Geography, English
Essay Title: Unlucky, a Student Film

Areas of Study: English, Psychology, Sociology, Library Science
Essay Title: Book Discussion Groups for Women Age 65 and Over

Areas of Study: Latin, Marketing, English
Essay Title: The Process, Product, and Placement of Instructional Materials in the Educational Market

Areas of Study: Counseling, Education, Sociology
Essay Title: Lost Youth: The Forgotten Ones. A Personal Journey of Awareness & the Need to Advocate

Areas of Study: Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics, HIED
Essay Title: F3 (Fit, Fabulous Females) Program Evaluation

Areas of Study: Sociology, Justice Studies, Public Administration, CHDS
Essay Title: My Journey with Prisoners: Perceptions, Observations, and Opinions 

Areas of Study: Education, Public Administration, Sociology
Essay Title: Higher Education: A Perspective of Administration, Access, Affordability and the Policy that Drives It

Areas of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Administration, Philosophy, Anthropology, Communication
Essay Title: Limitations of the Media and its Effects on the Political Process 

Areas of Study: English, Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communication
Essay Title: The Academic Manuscript: Media Production and the Process of Turning an Idea into a Marketable Entity

Areas of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication, Business, English, Sociology, History, Theater
Essay Title: Digital Storytelling: The Process and Product; Building Community Through New Media

Areas of Study: Counseling and Human Development Services, Special Education, Nursing, Rehabilitation Counseling, Sociology, Justice Studies
Essay Title: Purposeful Play

Areas of Study: Journalism, Instructional Technology, Sociology
Essay Title: The Making of “Mr. Wilson’s Kids: From East Cleveland to Beijing”

Areas of Study: Music, Journalism, History
Essay Title:  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:  Alan Freed, Cleveland, and the Origins of Rock and Roll

Areas of Study: History, Art, Architecture, Family & Consumer Studies
Essay Title:  The Sylvester Gaylord Church Pulpit:  A Material Culture Case Study

Areas of Study: Education Admin., History, Journalism
Essay Title:  Marketing Fitness Programs to Northeast Ohio Residents Age 55 and Older:  A Focus on Promotion and Event Marketing

Areas of Study: English, History, Art, Sociology
Essay Title:  The American Mold (A Novella)

Areas of Study: Public Admin., Sociology, Education Admin.
Essay Title: Pre-College Programs: Access to Higher Education and Beyond 

Areas of Study: Criminal Justice Studies, Counseling, Health Education
Essay Title:  The Problem of Family Violence:  The Battered Woman’s Experience

Areas of Study: Sociology, Anthropology, Communication
Essay Title: The Myth of Racial Democracy in Brazilian Race Relations

Areas of Study: Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Education
Essay Title:  Attitudes Towards Affirmative Action:  Survey Polls Response

Areas of Study: Sociology, Counseling, Human Development
Essay Title: A Chilly Climate-Advising Across Differences at the Post-Secondary Level

Areas of Study: English, History, Art History, Music History
Essay Title:  The Nineteenth Century Ideal of the Separate Spheres in Nathaniel Hawthorne

Areas of Study: History, Marketing, Psychology 
Essay Title: The John Wayne Screen Persona: An American Icon for the Cold War

Areas of Study: Business Admin., Sociology, Psychology, Public Admin.
Essay Title: Comparing Health Benefits at Hospitals in the State of Ohio

Areas of Study: English, Library Science, Art History
Essay Title:  Women Artists in Contemporary Cinematic Narratives:  Camille Claudel and Carrington

Areas of Study: Biology, Geography, Geology
Essay Title:  Unionid Mussels and Substrate Stability:  Experiments in an Artificial Stream

Areas of Study: Technology (Aviation), Exercise, Leisure & Sport, History
Essay Title:  From Crystal Palace to Unisphere:  An Analysis of the World's Fair as a Tourist Destination 1851-1965