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Finding Graduate Courses and Online Graduate Courses in the Fields That Interest You

Getting a list of all the graduate courses offered in a given semester isn't a one-click procedure yet, unfortunately. Nor is there a list in any one place of graduate courses offered online. You can see what graduate courses have been, are being, and will be offered in the classroom and online in recent semesters, however.

(For instructions on how to find a list of all the graduate courses that might potentially be offered by a given department while you're a graduate student, and why I stress the word potentially, consult the Design Your Program page on this website. This will not show you which of those courses might be offered online, however. There is no list of graduate courses that might be offered online sometime in the future. Certain departments are making significant strides to offer more and more of their graduate courses online, but other than contacting individual departments, there is no way of knowing which graduate courses might be offered online further in the future than the immediately forthcoming semester.)

To come up with a list of graduate courses offered in the immediately preceding, current, and immediately forthcoming terms, you'll need to follow the steps listed below. You may have to print out these directions first, however, if, when you click on Click here in Step 1 below, this screen vanishes. (You can avoid that problem if you know how to use a right click to open the Click here link in a new window. I find that the Click here link opens in a separate tab if I use Firefox.) 

1.  Click here to get to the Schedule of Classes.


2.  Under Search by Term, choose the semester in which you are interested. You are usually able to look at the present semester and the ones immediately before and after it. Then click on the grey Submit button beneath that.

3.  In the Schedule of Classes (Viewable Only) window that appears next, click on Detailed Class Search or Summary Class Search as you prefer. Summary Class Search will be easier to work with.

4.  In the Schedule of Classes - Summary Class Search window that opens next,

   a. if you are only interested in seeing what graduate courses are offered that semester in one department/subject area, select that subject in the Subject box

   b. if you are interested in seeing what graduate courses are offered that semester in several departments, hold down the Control key and scroll through the list of departments in the Subject box, clicking on and therefore highlighting those departments/programs that interest you.

   c. if you want to get a list of ALL graduate courses offered that semester, in the Subject box:

    • click on Accounting to highlight it,

    • then, using the small arrows on the right, scroll down to Women's Studies.  

    • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on Women's Studies. That will highlight all programs in the university.

    5.  To view only online graduate offerings for that semester in the department/s you have highlighted, select All 100% Online Courses Only as your Instructional Method three lines down from Subject. If you don't want to restrict your search to online courses, just skip this step.

    6.  Then, once you've highlighted at least one Subject area, six boxes down select Graduate as your Course Level

    7.  Then, at the bottom left of the page, click on the gray Class Search button.

    This will give you a list of the graduate courses offered that semester in the area/s of interest to you.