Finding Graduate Courses and Online Graduate Courses

Developing a list of all the graduate courses offered in a given semester is a simple process that requires searching the on-line Schedule of Classes. You will also be able to review which graduate courses were offered in the classroom and online in recent semesters, as well as which classes will be offered in the coming term.

To come up with a list of graduate courses offered in the immediately preceding, current, and immediately forthcoming terms, you will need to follow the simple steps listed below. 
  1. To open the Schedule of Classes, open the hyperlink by selecting Schedule of Classes.
  2. Open the Search by Term drop down window and select a semester and press the Submit.
  3. In the Schedule of Classes (Viewable Only) window that appears next, select either Detailed Class Search or Summary Class Search.   
  4. In the Schedule of Classes - Summary or Detailed Class Search window. At the top of the page are the generalized instructions for operating the search windows.
    • You will find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions concerning online class offerings. 
    • The most common errors in navigating the Schedule of Classes are failing to select at least one department/subject area in the Subject dropdown window and failing to select Graduate in the Course Level drop down window.
  5. To view only online graduate offerings in the department/s you have highlighted, select All 100% Online Courses Only in the Instructional Method window. If you do not want to restrict your search to online courses, just skip this step.
  6. Select Class Search at the bottom left of the page. To get a good idea of what all is available, you may need to Reset the Search and begin multiple times.