A Personalized Solution for Improved Math Skills! Basic math skills are an essential foundation for many courses of study and necessary for your overall academic success in college. Kent State University is dedicated to the success of our students and has developed a specialized learning experience to equip students with the mathematical knowledge they will need on their path to graduation.

The emporium is open whenever the library is open. Contact ASC for times when tutors are at the emporium.

The Math Emporium is a state-of-the-art learning center where students will interact with adaptive ALEKS® software and a highly skilled instructional team. Students learn through an innovative, engaging and easy-to-use program designed to help them become comfortable and proficient in basic mathematics.

In the Math Emporium, students focus on learning exactly what they need at their own pace while the instructional team provides individualized coaching. Other Math Emporium help resources include the individualized ALEKS® help feature, an interactive eBook and instructional videos.

The Math Emporium is a student's formula for academic success!

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