Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Math Emporium?

The Math Emporium is a state-of-the-art computer learning center designed to help students learn math by interacting with a team of instructors and the ALEKS math software program.

Which students attend the Math Emporium?

Students take a placement assessment to determine which math courses they need. Students who need additional math preparation to succeed in college will be matched with the appropriate course of study in the Math Emporium.

What courses will be taught in the Math Emporium?

Math 00020 to 00022, Basic Algebra I to II.

How can students get a jump start or advance through the program more quickly?

After an initial placement assessment, students can sign up for a free ALEKS® learning module that will better prepare them for their coursework or allow them to advance to the next course (pending the result of a second assessment).

Once students begin a course, they may quickly move forward in the sequence and potentially complete up to four courses in one semester.

Are the Basic Algebra courses online courses?

No, these are not online courses. ALEKS® is Web-based software that students use in the learning center or remotely.  The students work closely with the instructional team in the Math Emporium.

Who is on the instructional team? What are their roles?

The instructional team consists of teaching faculty, highly trained graduate students and peer coaches who provide one-on-one coaching to individual students. In addition, faculty will monitor each student’s progress and team members will proactively approach students to assist them.

How do professors monitor the performance of students in their classes?

The ALEKS® software provides a detailed analysis of each student including what they are working on, how they are doing and what they have learned. Math Emporium faculty can see students’ details, responses to questions, time spent on each topic and what they have studied in class and outside of class. In addition, the instructors will reach out students to discuss their progress.

Which math software program is used and how does it work?

ALEKS® is an interactive software program designed to help students learn.  As a student works through a course, ALEKS® periodically reassesses the student to ensure that topics learned are also retained. ALEKS® provides the advantage of one-on-one instruction.

Why do students have to go to a specific facility to participate in the Math Emporium?

It enables the team of instructors to provide individualized coaching and ensure students are making adequate progress. In addition, students can receive assistance when they need it. Also, assessments are given in an academic setting.

How does a Math Emporium Class differ from a Traditional Core Math class?

Traditional math students study the same materials at the same time under an instructor. Students progress through the class together.

The Math Emporium uses a computer-based software program to determine what students know and what they need to learn. This allows each student to manage his/her study time to focus on learning the information they do not know. The lead professor and the instructional team function as coaches, providing individualized teaching and support. Periodically there is a progressive assessment that each student takes. At the end of the class, there is a comprehensive assessment. There are also online resources:

  • The ALEKS® Help feature
  • eBook – fully interactive; can be personalized (highlighting, post-it-notes, etc.)
  • Instructional videos – to go with the text
  • Team of instructors
What happens in a typical Math Emporium class?

Students access math information and learn by using the ALEKS® computer software program. Students can monitor their progress by reviewing a pie chart that shows what they know and what they still need to learn. The instructional team provides individualized assistance.

How do students receive assistance during and outside of class hours?

During class hours, students can access the help button, a computer-based eBook and instructional video. They can also ask members of the instructional team for assistance. Outside of scheduled hours, they have access to all of these resources including access to the instructional team during open hours in the learning center. Students can also access the software program remotely.

How do students monitor their learning and progress?

Students can see their progress by reviewing their personal pie chart, included in the ALEKS® software.