Candlelight Walk and Vigil

Each year on May 4, Kent State University observes several important and meaningful events to remember and honor the students killed and wounded on May 4, 1970. One important aspect of the May 4 anniversary activities is the annual candlelight walk and vigil. This commemorative event first occurred in 1971 and has become a cornerstone of the commemoration. Note: The route will be adjusted this year due to construction on Main St. 

This year, we will observe and honor the traditions of the candlelight walk vigil in-person and virtually. The in person walk and vigil will take place on May 3, 2024. Refreshments will be served at 10 p.m. to participants, with the walk stepping off at 11 p.m. from the Student Commons. The vigil will take place in the Prentice/Taylor Hall lot immediately following the candlelight walk. 

Reply here to sign up to stand during the vigil. Standing in the four markers will be in 30-minute increments from 12 a.m. – 12:23 p.m. 

Please remember: In the tradition of the annual silent march and vigil, we are asking you to post photos of candles only.  Participation in our virtual candlelight vigil consists of three simple steps:


Virtual Candlelight Vigil

1. POST - Between now and May 4, 2024, post a photo of a lit candle, or of you holding a lit candle, to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. If you can't take a photo, feel free to use the image supplied.
(Right click and "Save Image" to your computer.)

2. TAG - Be sure to tag your post with #KentStateMay4.

3. SHARE - After you upload your photo, share your post and encourage your family and friends to participate.