Faculty Mentors

Current Faculty Mentors
  • Dr. Steven Fountain, Psychological Sciences
  • Dr. Janice Byrd, Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Dr. Andreea Smaranda Aldea, Philosophy
  • Dr. Seon Jeong “Ally” Lee, Hospitality Management
  • Dr. Christa Porter, Higher Education Administration
  • Dr. Amoaba Gooden, Pan-African Studies
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hallam, Public Health
  • Dr. Casey Boyd-Swan, Political Science
  • Dr. Metin Eren, Archaeology
  • Dr. Natasha Evans, Public Health
  • Dr. Srinivasan “Vijay” Vijayaraghavan, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Mark Lyberger, Sport Administration
  • Dr. Jennifer Roche, Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • Dr. Lisa Audet, Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • Dr. Angela Ridgel, Exercise Science
  • Dr. Anthony Tosi, Anthropology
  • Dr. Tameka Ellington, Fashion Design


Mentoring a McNair Scholar is a rewarding service opportunity where you can truly make a difference in our students’ lives. You help them establish social capital, understand their options and realize their potential, and build their self-efficacy. You challenge them to become a true scholar and support them along the way. Additionally, you provide them assistance in developing their research skills and writing samples and help them identify conferences and presentation opportunities and future research projects.

You may also gain research publication and presentation opportunities if you choose to serve as a primary investigator on the Scholar’s study. We highly encourage such collaboration if your research interests align. We hope that you find opportunities to co-present and co-publish to enhance your CV and help Scholars develop their experiences.

Finally, for Faculty Mentors who serve in the role during a Scholar’s participation in the Summer Research Institute, a compensation of $400 in the form of a stipend check will be issued at the end of said summer.


  • Provide guidance to the Scholar in researching and completing the research proposal, literature review, research design, abstract, data collection and analysis, paper and presentation.
  • Supervise the Scholar’s research related activities.
  • Meet with the Scholar regularly.
  • File a final Faculty Mentor Report with the McNair Scholars Program Office (online form): every other week during the Summer Research Institute and once per month during the academic year.
  • Participate in Faculty Mentor meetings to be held at an agreed upon time.
Academic Year
  • Meet regularly with Scholar during the academic year to discuss academic, financial, and career matters related to graduate study.  Reports of these meetings, especially of students’ needs and progress toward their goals, will be filed monthly with the Director via an online form.
  • Assist Scholar in defining research that was conducted during the Summer Research Institute.
  • Advise Scholar in research and scholarly activity if he/she chooses to participate in McNair Scholars Program Academic Year Research. 
Summer Research Institute
  • Meet regularly (multiple times per week) with students over the 8-week summer period to discuss academic, financial, and career matters related to graduate study.  Reports of these meetings, especially of students’ needs and progress toward their goals, will be filed every other week with the Director via an online form.
  • Advise Scholar in research and scholarly activity in fields related to their proposed areas of graduate study.  Students’ research will be submitted in writing to the Director by the end of the eight weeks. See Faculty Mentor Responsibilities above for more details. The time commitment is equivalent to assisting a student on an Honor’s thesis.


  • Create a welcoming atmosphere when meeting with Scholar.
  • Hold high standards to challenge Scholar while providing support and guidance.
  • Assist Scholar in finding conference presentation opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, and other professional development opportunities.
  • Encourage conversations about academic and nonacademic issues – often Scholars become exhausted, confused about career paths and graduate school options, and uncomfortable in the research project.
  • Provide accountability to Scholar in the completion of his/her work. Be sure to highlight consequences and help Scholar understand professionalism.
  • When in doubt, reach out! McNair Scholars Program Staff are always available to discuss your experiences as a Faculty Mentor and our Scholars’ progress and development.