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The School of Media and Journalism prepares its students with professional experiences, setting them up for successful futures. Here's how some alumni have taken that experience and made it their own after graduation.

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Alumnus Mike Jackson created 2050 Marketing to help clients to navigate the changing demographics in America as they relate to advertising and brand building. By the year 2050, the minority will be the majority in this country. Jackson wants to guide entrepreneurs through this transition and ensure that these voices are heard from every rung of the ladder.  

From the Field

We invite alumni and faculty to share insights on industry trends, world and national news and more, through a monthly column.

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Director's Note: Connecting a Deeply Committed Alumni Community

It wasn’t long after I joined the School of Media and Journalism (MDJ) in July 2020 that I started hearing stories about Jargon and fielding questions about when the next issue would appear. I quickly learned a lot about Jargon’s importance to alumni, faculty, friends and others.

Portrait of Stephanie Danes Smith

Communication Mattered on January 6. It Always Matters.

This reflection is by Stephanie Danes Smith, an Associate Professor in the College of Communication and Information. Before she began sharing her passion and vast knowledge of communication with Kent State students, she spent 27 years working for the U.S. Federal government, 25 of them with the CIA.