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School of Media and Journalism
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As I watch the calendar turn to September, I’m finding it hard to believe that the Fall 2022 semester marks the start of my third year at Kent State University. For the last two years, much of what we’ve been doing at the School of Media and Journalism could be described as moving from one urgent issue to another. Speaking with colleagues in higher education around the country, I hear the same thing. There’s been little time to focus on anything more than just the day to day. To wit: Masks or no masks? Remote or in person? Events or no events? Regular seating or limited seating? Refreshments or no refreshments? The list goes on. And on. And on. Every little thing that used to be just part of the fabric of planning for a semester was held up for examination, debate and painfully slow decision making. Until now

Jacqueline Marino

Kent State journalism Professor Jacqueline Marino spent her fall 2021 sabbatical learning the techniques of audio storytelling. The piece she produced, “The Rural Doctor Is In,” is now the winner of two national journalism awards:

Tara Conley and Kaatie Cooper

The School of Media and Journalism (MDJ) at Kent State is pleased to welcome Tara Conley, Ed.D., and Kathryn Cooper, Ph.D., as full-time faculty members.

SPJ Winner Kelly Krabill

Recent Kent State journalism graduate Kelly Krabill’s online broadcast feature on urban farming recently was named the National Winner by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).