About the Religion Studies Minor

The Religion Studies minor enables students enrolled in any major to be inspired by and to learn from expert scholars in the field of Religion Studies. The minor offers a wide variety of substantive course work, and works with the Ohio Pluralism Project to ensure that students are able to engage with the academic work in a meaningful way

Why Religion Studies?

Ohio, and the region around Kent in particular, is home to a richly diverse community. Following federal immigration policy enacted in 1965, people from across the globe came to the Ohio Valley area and laid the foundations for the multi-ethnic and pluralistic communities we see today. In 1998, the Ohio Pluralism Project was initiated, linking Kent State University and the Religion Studies program to the Harvard University Pluralism Project. Because of this network, students at the University have the opportunity to meet and learn from partners in the Pluralism Project and to access and study a wide range of religious communities.

Students in the Religion Studies program also have the opportunity to share educational experiences with peers across disparate majors, areas of expertise, and backgrounds. Because the minor is situated within a multidisciplinary school, and because the program is open to students of any major across the University, our classrooms benefit from the diversity of perspectives brought by students with a range of backgrounds and lived experiences.