Knitting Beyond the Body

KENT, OH – The KSU Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition, “Knitting Beyond the Body.”  When you think about today’s technological advances, knitting may not be the first activity that comes to mind.  However, this ancient craft is at the forefront of exciting research and innovation across many industries including automotive, medical, architecture, interior design and, of course, fashion.

The KSU Museum and the KSU School of Fashion Design and Merchandising have joined forces to explore how knitting is often at the heart of today’s innovations. “Knitting Beyond the Body,” evolved from research generated by the School of Fashion’s KnitLAB. “The KnitLAB has a 10-year partnership with industry leader Stoll by Karl Meyer and serves as one of the few such studios in the country at a state university,” according to KSU Museum Director Sarah J. Rogers and co-curator of the exhibition. “Linda Ohrn-McDaniel, Professor in the School of Fashion, and co-curator of “Knitting Beyond,” has grown the KnitLAB and engaged a range of partners including the KSU College of Nursing, College of Architecture and Environmental Design and Design Innovation Hub. The exhibition stems from conversations around the remarkable value of knitted fabrics over time and today.”

“Knitting Beyond the Body” is organized into five sections: "Introduction" displays examples of garments from the 20th century; "The Body" looks at 21st century garments and medical applications; "Place" showcases products for the home and office; "On the Move" shows knits applications for automobiles, skateboards and more; "The Future is Now" highlights innovative architecture that is knit, interactive devices, and research in a range of fields. Visitors will enjoy hand-knit items, as well as machine and technical knits by familiar names like Missoni, Mikyae, Nike and less familiar brands including TeKnit, Stoll and Myant.

This exhibit also features work from Kent State University alumni and faculty: Shuntaro Ogawa ’20, Maame Amoah ’20, Linda Ohrn-McDaniel, Krissi Riewe-Stevenson, Diane Davis-Sikora, Joanne Arnett, and Archana Mehta.

The exhibition opened September 29, 2023 and continues through August 2024. “Knitting Beyond the Body” is made possible by presenting partner, Linda Harper, partner, Leslie Royce Resnik, supporting partner, Duvaltex, friends, Pat Brownell and Stoll by Karl Mayer, and a Sustainability Grant from The Ohio Arts Council

A digital catalog will be available in early October.


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Images:  (Left) Missoni, Silk Knit Ensemble, 1968; (Center) Nike Flyknit Trainer, 2013; (Right) Irmandy Wicaksono, Tapis Magique.

POSTED: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 01:10 PM
Updated: Monday, November 20, 2023 07:20 PM