What does this mean for Kent State?

Organizational Stewardship

The transition to Pantheon is an effort in continuous improvement and efficient stewardship of university resources that will not only benefit us from the yearly savings over our previous hosting provider, but will also come at no additional cost to current support and opportunities. This saves us money while allowing our developers to focus on the skills and training essential for Drupal 8 and beyond.

Brand Identity

Pantheon integrates seamlessly with our existing web tools and services, while providing us with a more flexible and robust website management system. This gives us the ability to maintain institutional web presence with brand identity standards, while leveraging the microsite capabilities that Pantheon is known for.

What does this mean for us?

Cutting-Edge Developer Tools

Kent State developers will have access to the best of breed in tools to do their jobs, like New Relic Pro for performance monitoring, a Docker-based local development environment, and command line tools and webhooks for automation and scripting. This will allow our development teams to work faster and provide you with even better service on your websites.

Enhanced Service and Support

Pantheon's success-focused support model ensures their team is staffed with Drupal experts to assist with platform-level concerns and optimization, with 24/7 emergency support. No robots and no canned responses. This will support our IT and UCM teams at Kent State, and better support for us means better support for you.

New host. Same Drupal.

While we make the migration to Pantheon on the back-end, the Drupal tools you're already familiar with on the front-end won't be changing. Managing and editing your website will stay the same while we work on improving the overall performance and experience for all our visitors behind the scenes.

Questions? Comments?

Please reach out to us at cmsadmins@kent.edu with any questions or concerns that you may have.