Changing Overtime to Comp Earned

When a employee has worked over 40 hours for the week, they are allowed to change that overtime to comp earned.  Please follow the instructions below on how to move OT to Comp Earned. 

If it is not moved correctly and we do not catch it, the employee will be paid double the overtime and also earn comp.
  1. The timecard view must be the previous pay period.
  2. At the Bottom left hand side of the timecard, under the “Totals and Schedule” tab change the drop box that says “ALL” to “DAILY”.
  3. Click on the first day of the week on the timecard.  (i.e Sunday)
  4. Then with the arrow keys on your computer keyboard, arrow down through each day.
  5. The total of hours worked for each day will begin to appear in the totals and schedule box.
  6. When the OT appears in the totals & schedule box you will then click on it so that it is highlighted.
  7. Right click on the OT and a move button will appear.  MAC users simply double click on OT and the MOVED Amount Box will pop up automatically.
  8. Once you have clicked on the “move” button the MOVED Amount Box will pop up.
  9. Change the pay code to Comp Earned
  10. Then enter the amount of time to be moved for that day only.  The amount of overtime for that day is listed at the top of the move box.
  11. Select “OK”
  12. Continue through each day that has overtime.  Keep in mind that overtime is earned after 40 hours.  It is not earned daily when employees work over their normal scheduled shift.
  13. When all overtime is moved select “SAVE”
  14. Change the totals and schedule from daily back to all and you will be able to see the change and the total hours worked for the entire week.
  15. If any overtime is moved incorrectly, click on the moved amounts tab on the same line as totals & schedule to see what time has been moved. 
  16. Right click on the incorrect moved amount and select delete.
  17. Save timecard.

*Under no circumstances are “IN” and/or “OUT” punches are to be deleted.  Also please do not add the comp earned to the timecard.