Federal Income Tax Information

Employees can update federal withholding information via the Employee Dashboard in FlashLine. Log in and select “Employee” from the links on the left. In the center under “Top Employee Resources” select “Tax Forms.” Once there, select W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances” and Update” in the center of the page.

Please note that the IRS has updated the W4 form and, beginning on 01/01/2020, all new employees or current employees making a change to their W4 must submit the new form. The new form does not require the number of exemptions since that is no longer necessary for the tax calculation. It does however require that the filing status be entered. The choices for filing status are; single, married, married withholding at a higher single rate and head of household. There are other fields on the form which are not required but can be entered if they apply. Please note that Payroll Department employees cannot give advice on how to fill out the new form and can only answer general questions. Links to IRS resources for the new W4 are provided below.

Claiming ‘Exempt’ is still an option. The federal tax deduction status can be set to Exempt by clicking on the drop-down box mid page and selecting Exempt. Selecting Exempt will cause no tax to be withheld, but federal wages will still be calculated. By selecting exempt, the employee certifies the conditions for exemption, as detailed by the IRS will be met.

The effective date of any changes made in self service will automatically populate based upon the next pay period available for updates. You can print a copy of the form by using the print button at the bottom. Once all the changes are made to the form click on the Submit Changes box on the bottom left. You will not receive a confirmation and the changes will not show until the effective date of the change.


W4 Frequently Asked Questions


W4 Form and Instructions