Missed Clock Punches

When an employee misses a clock punch for any reason in Kronos the supervisor must add the missed clock time and add a comment "added missed punch" and type a note explaining the reason for the missed punch.

  1. After entering the missed time right click on that punch.
  2. Select Add Comment.
  3. Select the comment Added Missed Punch from the list.
  4. If necessary, type in a note in the Note section explaining the reason the clock punch was missed.
  5. Click ok to return to the timecard.
  6. Click save to save the missed punch, comment and note.

Missing punches should be corrected in Kronos as soon as possible.  Employees should notify their supervisors right away if they have a missed clock punch.  Please do not wait until the following week to correct these.  It is easier to ensure correct times when done right away.