External Letters of Evaluation | Philosophy Faculty Handbook | Kent State University

External Letters of Evaluation

Beyond the perusal of the candidate’s published works and other documented evidence of scholarship activities by the members of the Ad Hoc Promotion and Tenure Committee, further evaluation of the candidate’s publications and scholarly activities will be solicited in the form of external (outside the university) letters of evaluation. All candidates for tenure and promotion must submit names of at least five persons outside the university who are qualified to evaluate his/her achievements. The chairperson must solicit letters of evaluation from at least five of these individuals. In any case, at least one letter from outside the university is to be solicited by the Chairperson. Any external letters of evaluation solicited by the chairperson will be in addition to the three letters solicited from persons whose names are submitted by the candidate. Candidates are expected to identify and submit to the Chairperson publications and other scholarly material that will be sent to external reviewers. In cases involving Regional Campus faculty, copies of these letters must be placed in both Regional and Kent campus files.