Role of Regional Campus Program and Faculty

  1. Regional Campus Faculty vis-à-vis Regional Campus Dean/Department Chair

    For the Department of Philosophy, in which there are fewer than five faculty on any Regional Campus, the duties of the Regional Campus Dean are:

    1.      Determine faculty needed in consultation with appropriate Regional Campus faculty.

    2.      Recommend faculty needed and salary ranges for positions to the Vice President for Kent State Systems Integration.

    3.      Participate in recruitment of faculty in cooperation with the Department Chairperson, appropriate Regional Campus faculty, and the Vice President for Kent State Systems Integration.

    4.      Recommend candidates to the Department Chairperson.

    5.      Recommend teaching loads consistent with policy.

    6.      Recommend class size consistent with policy.

    7.      Recommend schedule of classes to the Associate Vice President for the Extended University, after consultation with resident faculty.

    8.      Assign faculty to nonelective committees and other activities associated with operation of the Regional Campuses.

    9.      Evaluate annually the performance of faculty members and, according to policy, nominate for promotion and tenure and recommends other personnel action.

    10.    Recommend salary increases in cooperation with Department Chairperson to the Associate Vice President for the Extended University.

    The duties of the Department Chairperson are:

    1.      Participate in recruitment and act on recommendation for appointments of Regional Campus faculty candidates.

    2.      Stipulate particular courses which faculty will be approved to teach.

    3.      Recommend course content and grading standards.

    4.      Recommend materials, supplies and equipment.

    5.      Recommend examination and test procedures.

    6.      Recommend standards of class size.

    7.      Recommend teaching loads.

    8.      Evaluate annually the academic performance of faculty members and according to policy nominations for promotion, tenure and other personnel action.

  2. Regional Campus Faculty as Members of Departmental Committees

    Regional Campus personnel are included as members of the Departmental Faculty Advisory Committee, Departmental Curriculum Committee, Departmental Ad Hoc Promotions and Tenure Committee, and as members of Department meetings. (See Section C, above, for specifics.)

  3. Teaching Assignments and Load for Regional Campus Faculty

    For Regional Campus personnel, teaching assignments and loads are determined by the Dean of the Regional Campus in question, with consultation with the Department Chairperson. Salary determinations are in the hands of the Dean of the Regional Campus to which the faculty member is assigned.

  4. Criteria for Promotion, Tenure, Reappointment

    As stated in Subsection F under Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion in Section III of this document, the criteria for hiring, reappointing, promoting, and granting tenure hold for Regional Campus personnel.