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The majority of our students choose to go on to doctoral study in philosophy or a related discipline, while the rest go to law school or seek employment outside academe.

Since 2015, 22 of our 27 MA students who have chosen the thesis option have applied to PhD programs, and 21 of 22 (95.4%) have been accepted with funding.



MA Thesis Title

Applied to PhD Programs?

Initial Placement (fully funded Philosophy PhD acceptances unless otherwise specified)

2023 Misgivings About the Given: Externalist Elements in Bonjour's Internalist Foundationalism Yes University of Georgia (also accepted at Iowa, Kansas, South Carolina)
2023 The Necessity of Integrity and Stare Decisis in Anglo-American Judicial Systems Yes (PhD & MLA) Converse University (MLA)
2023 Aproaching a Theory of Public Health Ethics Yes St. Louis University (Bioethics & Philosophy) 
2023 Thinking the Interior: Supplementing Graham Harman's Weird Formalism with Spatial Intimacy No MBA program (fully funded)
2022 The Double-Bind of the Black Scholar: How Racial Embodiment Engages with Academia Yes Memphis (also accepted at Purdue)
2022 Painting, Intersubjectivity, and Ethics in the Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty Yes Buffalo (also accepted at University of South Florida)
2021 Benevolent Politics: A Proposal for Maternal Governance Yes University of Hawai'i
2021 Anxiety and  Death in Being and Time: An Exercise in Formal Indication Yes Texas A&M (also accepted at Buffalo, New Mexico, Hawai'i, and Memphis)
2021 Naming the Virtual: History through Hegel and Deleuze Yes Emory
2020 Nishitani Keiji's Solution to the Problem of Nihilism: The Way to Emptiness Yes University of Hawai'i
2020 Meliorism in the 21st Century Yes Texas A&M
2020 Phenomenology and Metaphysical Realism Yes University of Kentucky
2020 From One to All: The Evolution of Camus' Absurdism Yes employed outside academe (applied to only one (non-philosophy) program)
2019 Property Individuation Yes University of Nebraska


On the Philosophy and Psychology of Reasoning and Rationality Yes University of Maryland