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About half of our students choose to go on in philosophy or a related discipline, while the rest go to law school or seek employment outside academe.

Since 2011, 23 of our 41 MA students have applied to PhD programs, and 20 of 23 (87%) have been accepted with funding.



MA Thesis Title

Applied to PhD Programs?

Initial Placement (fully funded Philosophy PhD admissions unless otherwise specified)

2020 Nishitani Keiji's Solution to the Problem of Nihilism: The Way to Emptiness Yes University of Hawai'i
2020 Meliorism in the 21st Century Yes Texas A&M
2020 Phenomenology and Metaphysical Realism Yes University of Kentucky
2020 From One to All: The Evolution of Camus' Absurdism Yes employed outside academe (applied to only one non-philosophy program)
2019 Property Individuation Yes University of Nebraska


On the Philosophy and Psychology of Reasoning and Rationality Yes University of Maryland
2018 Rethinking Truth: Re-description in Rortian Solidarity No Employed outside academe
2018 On Essences: Phenomenological Insights into Object Oriented Ontology Yes University of South Florida
2018 Consciousness Restrained: Does Consciousness Have Any Adaptive Function? Yes University of South Florida
2017 The Role of Intermediacy: Plato's Republic Book VI Yes University of Kentucky
2017 The Immanence of the Transcendental: Buber, Emerson, and the Divine in the Secular World Yes University of South Florida
2016 Moral Responsibility, Frankfurt-Style Cases, and Alternative Possibilities No Employed outside academe
2016 The Indispensability of Conscious Access Yes University of Kentucky
2016 Art as Negation: A Defense of Conceptual Art as Art No Employed outside academe
2016 Service in Business No Employed outside academe
2015 Schelling, Heidegger, and Evil Yes Duquesne University
2015 Shaffer's Priority Monism and the Problem of Junky Possible Worlds Yes Syracuse University
2015 Nietzsche's Ethic: Virtue for All and None? No Employed outside academe
2015 Buddhist Ethics is Itself and Not Another Thing Yes Binghamton University
2014 Phenomenology, Imagination, and Aesthetic Experience Yes University of Kentucky
2014 Perfect and Imperfect Character in Plato and Derrida: A Distinction with Respect to 'Universals,' and its Relevance for Feminist Thought No Graduate Certificate Program, College Teaching
2014 Models, Perspectives, and Scientific Realism: On Ronald Giere's Perspectival Realism No Instructor, Philosophy, KSU
2014 Practical Skepticism: Sextus Empiricus and Zhuangzi No Teaching at Belmont College
2014 Serving Strangers: Care, Compassion, and the Volunteer No Peace Corps Recruiter
2013 The Blame Game: An Axiological Approach to the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing No Nurse, Akron OH
2013 The World is not Enough: An Enquiry into Realism about Modality No Employed outside academe
2013 A Comparative Look at Karma and Determinism No Employed outside academe
2013 Railton's Reductive Moral Realism Yes Nebraska-Lincoln
2013 A Spectrum of Civil Disobedience: A Consideration of Violence and Jury Nullification No Law School
2012 The Methodology of Phenomenological Realism in The Acting Person by Karol Wojtyla No Independent scholar, Theology PhD
2012 Nietzsche's Naturalism as a Critique of Morality and Freedom No Employed outside academe
2012 Rhetorical Revolutions: Heidegger and Aristotle No Employed outside academe
2012 Prolegomena to a Sartrean Virtue Ethics No Instructor, Philosophy, Bridgewater State University
2012 Aesthetic Experience and the (Queer) Self Yes Purdue University
2012 Developing Conscience and Empathy from Being and Nothingness Yes Political Science PhD program, Brandeis University
2012 Reading Plato with Heidegger: A Study of the Allegory of the Cave Yes Political Science PhD program, Michigan State University
2012 Carnap Visits Canberra: Updating the Logical Positivist Criteria of Cognitive Significance Yes Employed outside academe
2011 Process Metaphysics in the Far West: American Indian Ontologies Yes Employed outside academe
2011 Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jean-Luc Nancy: A Shared Concern about Retrospection at the Art Museum Yes University of Ottawa
2011 Albert Camus and the Phenomenon of Solidarity Yes University of South Florida
2011 Deliberation and the Role of the Practical Syllogism Yes Department Chair, General Education, Brown-Mackey College
2011 The Emergent Self: Resonating Themes in Confucian and Meadean Concepts of Self Yes National University of Singapore
2011 Overcoming the Demonic: Faith, Sin, and Redemption in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling Yes Baylor University