The metacognition program has focused on understanding three inter-related components of self-regulated learning: monitoring of learning, control of study time, and the application of strategies during learning. These three components of learning fall under the rubric of metacognition, which concerns people’s cognition (or beliefs) about their cognitions. By studying metacognition in students across the lifespan, a major goal of all facets of the research and involves developing techniques to improve student learning and achievement across multiple domains.

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  • Meet the Members of the RADLab (photo)

    (Top to bottom): Nola Daley, Michelle Rivers, John Dunlosky, Irina Ghilic (visiting member), Jess Janes, Amanda Zamary, Angie Jones, Kayla Morehead, and Katherine Rawson.

  • RADLab Reunion in Granada, Spain (photo)

    (Left to right): Mariette Van Loon, Katie Wissman, Chris Was (honorary member), Amanda Zamary, Kayla Morehead, John Dunlosky, Katherine Rawson, Michael Mueller and Nathan Foster.

  • RADLab Mascot (photo)
    RADLab Mascots

    (Left to right): Ginger Snap, Sloppy Joe, and Zoey (our RADlab Mascot!)

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