RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab

The RADlab (Drs. Rawson and Dunlosky, and all graduate students who work with them) meets one evening every other week throughout the year to discuss research. One member begins the meeting by discussing on-going research, which often involves discussing new data or research ideas. Afterwards, over dinner (usually pizza or Chinese cuisine), three members individually choose to present a separate article that they have recently read. These presentations are brief, because they are styled after talking to someone about a paper you just saw at a conference (so the presenter must go sans notes and just talk about his or her article in a manner that can be entertained (and hopefully will entertain) the entire group



Heather Bailey; Amanda Lipko; and Mike Serra

Julie Baker; Angie Jones; Mary Pyc




RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab 2008


Marissa Hartwig; Nic Wilkins

Mary Pyc; Heather Bailey; Robert Ariel

Amanda Lipko; Julie Baker; Angie Jones with little Josie


RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab 2008-2009Nic Wilkins; John Dunlosky; Cindy Widuck

Marissa Hartwig; Katherine Rawson; Mary Pyc; Heather Bailey

Robert Ariel; Angie Jones; Stacy Lipowski


RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab 2010

Mary Pyc; Stacy Lipowski; Marissa Hartwig

Kalif Vaughn; Robert Ariel; Angie Jones; Nic Wilkins

Cindy Widuck; Katherine Rawson; John Dunlosky



RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab 2011-2012

Angie Jones; Christina Poulin; Katie Wissman; Katherine Rawson; Michael Mueller

Marissa Hartwig; Uma Tauber; Nic Wilkins; Kali Vaughn; Robert Ariel; John Dunlosky


RAD (Rawson & Dunlosky) Lab 2012-2013