Clone of MC Lab People

Current Graduate Students

Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller, CV

Postdoctoral STUDENTS

Nathan Foster

Nathan Foster, CV



Robert Ariel

Robert Ariel, CV

Postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology

Heather Bailey

Heather Bailey, CV

Assistant Professor at Kansas State University

Julie Baker

Julie Baker, CV

Research/Teaching Associate at Barton College

Marissa Hartiwg

Marissa Hartwig

Assistant Professor at Tennessee Tech University

Amanda Lipko

Amanda Lipko, CV

Assistant Professor at SUNY Brockport

Michael Serra

Michael Serra, CV

Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University

Uma Tauber

Uma Tauber


Assistant Professor at Texas Christian University




Sara Bottiroli

Sara Bottiroli, University of Pavia

Memory Intervention and Metacognitive Aging

Christopher Hertzog

Christopher Hertzog, Georgia Institute of Technology

Post-doc mentor and long-time collaborator

Keith Thiede

Keith Thiede, Craters of the Moon (Idaho, 2008)

Collaborator since graduate school