Although uncommon and typically mild, earthquakes are a real hazard in Ohio. 

Earthquakes are caused by shifting underground earth along a fault line. This shift can cause vibration at ground level.

In some cases, this vibration can be severe, causing damage to buildings and other infrastructure, creating an unsafe environment. 


Most earthquakes in Ohio are minor; below 3.0 in magnitude. Although, there have been a few moderate earthquakes, and there is always a possibility for a more significant incident. 

What You Can Do

Prepare before an incident

  • Ensure you are enrolled in Flash ALERTS and your contact info is current
  • Ensure large items such as televisions and bookshelves are secure
  • Always keep a few days supply of food and water on hand

Respond during the incident

  • Drop to the ground
  • Take cover under sturdy objects such as a desk
  • Cover your head and neck with your hands/arms
  • Hold on to sturdy furniture until the shaking stops
  • If in a vehicle, pull over and remain in the vehicle
  • If outside, move to an open area to avoid the potential of something falling from above
  • If the building you are in was seriously damaged, evacuate immediately
  • If you are trapped, use your phone to contact help, or bang on pipes or walls to alert responders of your location

Recover after the incident

  • Expect updates from KSU 
  • Expect aftershocks