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Parking and Transit Services

Kent State University Parking and Transit Services strives to provide safe and well-maintained parking facilities in addition to efficient and dependable transit services for the Kent campus community. This is accomplished through the fostering of an effective and reliable delivery of service for campus parking and transit needs in support of Kent State University's mission. In addition to overseeing the operation of over 12,000 parking spaces on the Kent Campus, Parking and Transit Services provides a broad range of related services including online parking permit sales, online citation payments and appeals, special event parking, visitor parking, parking lot enforcement, a motorist assistance program, parking lot maintenance and snow removal and 24-hour security at Dix Stadium.

Spring Permit sales dates

Date Class Standing Credit Hours
November 27 Graduates NA
November 29 Seniors 90+ 
December 4 Juniors 60-89
December 6 Sophomores 30-59
December 10 Freshmen 0-29

Due to the high demand for parking, permits for most preferred lots near the core of campus sell out quickly, however, there are always permits available. We recommend that you purchase a permit from your available options even if your first or second choice is not available.  This may be limited to the “Summit East” or “Allerton Sports Complex” parking lots for commuters or the “Stadium” parking lot for residence hall students.


If the permit that you wish to purchase is sold out, you may be given the option to join a waitlist for that permit. Waitlists are only offered for select permits.  Joining a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase the permit you wanted, but it puts you in a queue should the permit become available.  Parking Services monitors the usage of the parking lots closely during the first month of the semester to determine if additional space is available.  If additional space becomes available, Parking Services will begin awarding from the waitlist, usually within the first two weeks of the semester.  You will be notified through your Kent State email account with instructions and the deadline for purchasing your new permit.  If you already purchased a permit and your waitlisted permit becomes available you will be required to return your current permit.  If you have not been notified by February 11th, please email or contact the Parking Services office at 330-672-4432 for updated information.


Local churches – Many of the local churches sell parking permits for their lots (see list below).

Faith Lutheran Church (across from R16 White Hall)
United Church of Christ (next to Center for Performing Arts)
United Methodist Church (across from Rockne’s)
PARTA Kent Central Gateway parking Deck

The Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA) will sell parking permits for the Kent Central Gateway parking deck located in downtown Kent - just a few minutes away from front campus. The cost of the deck permit is $300 for the year or $185 for the semester.   This parking permit is valid Monday - Friday, from 7:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the KCG deck. To purchase the deck permit, bring your valid Kent State FLASHcard to PARTA’s main office located at 2000 Summit Rd. or the Kent Central Gateway ticket office located at 201 E. Erie St. between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you have questions or need further information about the deck permit, contact PARTA at 330-678-7745.