Parking and Transit Services

Kent State University Parking and Transit Services strives to provide safe and well-maintained parking facilities in addition to efficient and dependable transit services for the Kent campus community. This is accomplished through the fostering of an effective and reliable delivery of service for campus parking and transit needs in support of Kent State University's mission. In addition to overseeing the operation of over 12,000 parking spaces on the Kent Campus, Parking and Transit Services provides a broad range of related services including online parking permit sales, online citation payments and appeals, special event parking, visitor parking, parking lot enforcement, a motorist assistance program, parking lot maintenance and snow removal and 24-hour security at Dix Stadium.

Summer 2017 Permits

Summer permits are available for purchase online now.

Fall 2017 and Year 2017-2018 Permit Sales Dates

Graduate                                            July 25

Seniors (90+ credit hours)                 July 27

Juniors (60-89 credit hours)             July 31

Sophomores (30-59 credit hours)      August 2

Freshmen (0-29 credit hours)          August 4