Ticket Appeal Information

Ticket Appeal Process

Parking Services provides an online-only appeals process for tickets. Ticket information may take up to 48 hours to appear on the online account.

Any person who feels they have been ticketed in error may file an online appeal with Parking Services within 7 calendar days of ticket issuance. The fine will remain at the original rate until a decision has been made regarding the ticket status.

The appeal must contain the ticket number and any facts or circumstances relevant to the ticket complaint. You may also attach any supporting documents and/or pictures. Once submitted, a parking enforcement supervisor or designee will review the appeal and issue a reply not more than 21 calendar days following receipt of the ticket appeal.

Parking Services may void one ticket per license plate/customer account as a courtesy. This courtesy does not apply to violations involving fire lanes or handicap zones.

If you receive a ticket for "Plate Not Registered" contact Parking Services within 7 days to update your account/register your license plate and have the ticket voided.

Driver Responsibility

The vehicles of all employees and students of the university must properly display parking permits obtained directly from Parking Services. Visitors must display a valid Kent State University permit, park at a meter/Passport zone, park in the Kent Student Center visitor's lot, or purchase a permit from a pay station located within the Student Recreation and Wellness Center lot or the C-Campus Center Drive lot.

  • The person driving the vehicle on campus is responsible for finding a legal parking space and for knowing the parking regulations.
  • Lack of space is not a valid reason for violating parking regulations.
  • A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space close to your building.
  • The registered permit holder is responsible for any ticket issued to any vehicle in which their permit is displayed.
  • First offense tickets are not automatically voided. All circumstances are taken into consideration.
  • Fire lane and handicap zone violations will not be voided.

Invalid Appeals

Parking Services strives to provide fair and consistent enforcement of the parking rules for everyone's benefit. Occasionally, a ticket is issued in error. When this happens, the appeal process provides an opportunity to appeal the ticket.

Invalid Appeals include the following reasons:

  • "I didn't see the sign."
  • "Others were parking there too."
  • "I was late."
  • "I could not find another parking space."
  • "I was only a few minutes late when the meter expired."
  • "There was no sign that said I couldn't park there."
  • "I only parked there for a few minutes. I had my flashers on."
  • "I've always parked there and I never got a ticket before."
  • "Other cars parked there and they didn't get a ticket."
  • "I don't agree with the policy or regulation."

 If you have further questions regarding tickets or the appeal process, contact Parking Services.

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