Faculty/Staff Parking

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Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

The vehicles of all Kent State employees and students must display valid parking permits obtained through Parking Services while parked on campus. (Kent State University policy 4-08.1).

  • Current Faculty/Staff – Full or part-time employees who did not renew online, need to change parking areas or want to purchase a permit using a payment other than payroll deduction can bring the completed parking permit application (PDF) and payment to the Parking Services office in room 123 Schwartz Center.
  • New University Employees – Bring the completed parking permit application (PDF) to the Parking Services office in room 123 Schwartz Center. If you want to use payroll deduction to purchase your permit, you may be required to pay for a portion of the current month before payroll deduction can be started.
  • Separation of University Employment or Temporary Leave – Bring your parking permit to Parking Services to stop payroll deduction or to receive a prorated refund.

Faculty/Staff Permit Options

  • Faculty/Staff Parking Permit (Red) - $162.00/year, $60.75/semester
    • This permit is issued to most Kent State University employees for parking in their designated R lot. This permit is also honored in other non-restricted R lots for up to 4 hours.
  • Faculty/Staff Evening Only Permit - $60.75/year, $30.38/semester
    • This permit allows parking after 4 p.m. in your assigned R lot, and also offers daytime parking in the Allerton Sports Complex lot and the Summit East lot. During summer, and during the Winter Recess and Spring Recess, you may park at any time in the R lot designated on your permit.
  • 3rd Shift Parking Permit – No Charge
    • This permit is used by those employees who work from 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. This permit allows parking in any R parking area. If your shift begins before 10 p.m. or ends after 8 a.m., you must purchase the appropriate permit to cover the time that you are parked on campus.
  • Allerton Sports Complex Permit – No Charge
    • Parking is permitted in the Allerton Sports Complex lot during fall and spring semesters (from the first day of classes through finals week). This permit is not valid in any other campus parking lot at any time during this time period. During summer, Winter Break and Spring Break, you may park in any C lot. If you opt to exchange your Allerton Sports Complex permit at any time during the year, you will be charged for the summer months that you parked for free.
  • Motorcycle Permit - $10/year
    • Parking is permitted in any designated motorcycle parking space on campus.
  • Short-term Permits
    • Daily permits - $3 per day:  For someone not here as frequently, they may purchase daily permits through our office. These can be purchased in small quantities with a preprinted lot assignment and dates left blank. Upon arrival to campus, the date would need to be marked out and the permit displayed on the windshield.   
    • Weekly permits - $7 per week:  For someone not here as frequently, they may purchase weekly permits through our office.
    • Monthly permits - $13.50 per month:  For someone not here as frequently, they may purchase monthly permits through our office.