The ASSURE Program

What is ASSURE?

ASSURE (Access and Support for Successful Undergraduate Research Experience) is an 8-weeks multidisciplinary summer research undergraduate experience. The students conduct research under the guidance of a faculty advisor from their field of interest. The program includes professional development workshops and social activities which students engage in and meet other students with different research interest and bounce ideas from each other. The students also would prepare a 3 min thesis presentation at a closing ceremony in front of numerous faculty and staff.


Student Quotes:

"The ASSURE program gave me a chance to be the researcher I've always wanted to be. ASSURE provided me with a mentor who was tailored to my needs and from that, I was able to see just how much I am capable of. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that you can actually do what you put your mind to, especially with the right people and tools to help you do so. From ASSURE I've gained academic confidence, which I know will carry me through the rest of my schooling, my upcoming career and my life."  ---- Shelbi Matlock, Psychology (ASSURE 2018)


"Participating in the Assure program has launched my academic career forward in a big way. It has acted as a spring board to several new and exciting research opportunities, the experience and connections I've obtained as a result of the program are invaluable." -- Spencer Williams, Earth Systems Science (ASSURE 2018)


"The ASSURE program provided guidance for the post graduate as well as research opportunities and networking."--- Bari Emmanuel, Physics (ASSURE 2017)


“People from where I am from do not make it to college as is…and definitely not as close to graduating as myself.  Further, they do not have the opportunity to participate in a program of this nature with so many great resources and opportunities! This feels like home, you guys are the best! Looking forward to a great summer with the ASSURE program. Forever grateful.” – Orlando Fikes, (ASSURE 2019)


Student Benefits

Students who are elected to participate in the ASSURE program will:

  • Prepare for graduate school or employment.
  • Work directly with a faculty mentor/advisor on your research to enhance learning.
  • Learn critical research methods, problem solving skills, presentation skills which is valued by employers and college recruiters.
  • Research experience for Undergraduates.

Faculty Benefits

  • Provide student support on research.
  • Enhance teaching skills.