Housing Accommodations

SAS can assist students that require disability-related housing accommodations. When considering housing accommodation requests, SAS will consider how the specific request provides access to the University’s residential program. As such, requests for particular housing assignments based on a student’s preference, rather than need, such as a single room or desire for a quiet, undisturbed place to study, may not be supported.

Petition for Contract Release Due to Medical and/or Psychological Reasons 

To consider an appeal for release from the housing contract for medical and/or psychological reasons, students must have documentation of a diagnosed disability that substantially impacts one or more major life activities related to participation in the University’s residential program. This process is reserved for those who have a significant and unforeseen change that occurred after the contract period began that prevents the student from upholding their contractual obligation. The contract cannot be terminated solely for the purpose of living off-campus or in order to commute from home. While this process can be done at any time, students should be aware of the housing forfeiture schedule when submitting their petition. The Housing Forfeiture Schedule is outlined in the Residence Hall Contract for Room and Dining Plan. Please note, there are no refunds after week four each semester.  

Students wishing to pursue a release from the housing contract for medical and/or psychological reasons must Get Connected with SAS and provide documentation of their disability. Documentation should be completed by the student’s healthcare provider or a licensed clinical professional that is familiar with the student’s disability and can be provided in a written letter on the medical professional’s letterhead or the medical provider can complete the Housing Contract Release Documentation Form. Documentation should include: 

  • A statement of diagnosis identifying the disability, date of diagnosis, associated symptoms and their severity, and duration of impairment. 
  • A description of how the disability impacts the student within the housing environment including the specific reasons preventing the student from living on campus. 
  • Rationale of why other housing options such as a single room or access to a non-communal restroom would not meet the student’s needs and alternative recommendations for appropriate accommodations. 
  • Rationale of why it is necessary for the student to move out of the residence halls during the contract period. 

Please note, a statement of diagnosis or recommendation from a medical professional does not automatically guarantee release from the housing contract. Students currently connected with SAS will likely need to provide additional documentation specifically outlining the impact of their disability in the housing environment and why other accommodations would not be appropriate for their disability. Additional documentation may be sent to sas@kent.edu. Please reference in the email that you are requesting a contract release. Contact SAS with questions.