Human Resources Management Implementation Team


Many HR functions are performed at the division, department or college level by non-HR employees who have broad administrative duties. HR would identify from its current staff a number of generalists who would be assigned and dedicated to work with the university’s divisions and colleges. This shared services approach will create more efficient processes, decrease the risk of non-compliance with policies and procedures, and give personnel in the divisions and colleges more time to spend on other duties. This project initially would involve only the Kent Campus, but could be expanded in the future to include the Regional Campuses.


To achieve an efficient, shared approach for HR services among the academic and non-academic units.  This would involve identifying one or more HR Generalists who will be dedicated to a specific number of divisions, colleges and campuses.  This would create a primary single contact for the specific units for most HR matters, including talent acquisition, training/development, compensation and benefits, etc.


  • Develop an improved/more efficient process for delivering HR services to the university.
  • Enhance the quality and timeliness of HR services for the units involved.
  • Decrease amount of time people in the other colleges, divisions and campuses spend on HR duties.


  • Identify an HR Generalist for each college, division and campus  That person would be the main point of contact for the respective college, division and campus on HR-related matters.
  • Begin with a pilot phase, identifying one HR Generalist to work with two areas: one college and one division.
  • Develop FAQs for each major HR area, which can be used as a resource for the HR Generalist and be available on the HR website.


  • Leader:  Jack Witt, Human Resources
  • Leader: Donna Sansonetti, Human Resources
  • Kerry Angle, Kent Student Center
  • Sue Averill, Academic Affairs
  • Karen Keenan, Academic Affairs
  • Rachel Rundo, Human Resources

Primary Contact