Criminology and Justice Studies Internship Program

Criminology and Justice Studies Internship Program (CRIM 46792)

Internship forms can be downloaded here (Word)

The internship course involves work experience under direction of a supervising faculty member in a private, federal, state or local Justice agency or law agency.    

Students should have completed 9 credit hours of Criminology and Justice Studies (CRIM) coursework, including CRIM 12000, and possess 2.00 major and overall GPAs.

This course is open to Juniors and Seniors. Students may register for up to 12 hours of Internship, in 3 hour increments.

Criminology & Justice Studies majors can choose from a wide variety of internship sites. These include:

  • Law enforcement agencies (police departments, sheriff’s offices, state and federal agencies)
  • Adult and juvenile correctional facilities (community corrections/probation and parole; detention centers), local, state, and federal agencies
  • Adult and juvenile courts; public defender’s and prosecutor’s offices
  • Victim services programs (including domestic violence, substance abuse, crisis intervention)
  • Loss prevention and private security
  • National/homeland security

Click for the CRIM 46792 Internship Manual (PDF).  Please consult the Internship Coordinator, Susan Kunkle, or the Sociology Department's Academic Advisor for more information.