The Do's | Step Up & Speak Out | Kent State University

The Do's

  • DO call 911 if there is an immediate threat to the safety of individuals.
  • DO actively listen to the person, through the anger.
  • DO acknowledge the feelings of the individual.
  • DO allow the person to vent and to tell you what is upsetting to him/her. Use the silence to allow the person to talk it out.
  • DO set limits. Explain clearly and directly what behaviors are acceptable (e.g., “I will be willing to speak with you as long as you lower your voice”) and not acceptable (e.g., “You have a right to be angry, but breaking things is not OK”).
  • DO be firm, steady, direct, and honest, but also compassionate.
  • DO trust your intuition.
  • DO focus on what you can do to help resolve the situation.
  • DO suggest resources; make personal referrals when possible, and call ahead to brief the person.
  • DO report the behavior to the leadership in your administrative unit or academic department.
  • DO consult with a campus resource. If in doubt, contact your supervisor or chair/director.