The Student Life Study is the largest investigation into the health and well-being of college students in the United States and hopes to accomplish two important goals.

  1. Better understand the day-to-day experiences of modern college students.
  2. Provide access to free, smartphone-based resources and interventions with the potential to promote academic success and improve mental and physical health.

Individuals that take part will join 10,000 other Kent State University students in this historic project.

Study activities have been specifically designed to be convenient and most can be completed using a smartphone. Participants in the study will be asked to complete:

  • Brief smartphone surveys at the start of the study and beginning/end of the semester to ask about student health, feelings, and experiences
  • Smartphone diary for one week during the semester to learn about day-to-day experiences like mood, habits, social experiences, ability to concentrate, and sleep
  • Visit our lab in the DI Hub to complete height/weight, heart rate, reading/memory task, and a survey

Participants can choose which parts of the study they complete and they have the right to refuse to take part in all or some portions of the study without penalty.

Students that participate in the Student Life Study will become part of the community and be eligible for themed activities, events like picnics and BBQs, and other research projects at KSU.

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