Logo for Student Life Study

The Student Life Study is a first-of-its kind program to connect all aspects of college life – mental and physical health, social belonging, academic and career success, equity and inclusion, among many, many others. Our primary goal is to improve students’ lives while they are here at KSU and as they continue beyond!

College life is more difficult now than any other time in history, from financial strains to a changing workforce, to an ever-shrinking planet and societal upheaval. There is an urgent need to better understand and serve our students by giving them the knowledge and tools needed to be healthy and successful across the lifespan.

The Student Life Study combines cutting edge research with a tailored wellness program in an unprecedented way. More than 10,000 Kent State University students will be recruited across all campuses to share their experiences and receive access to free, smartphone-based interventions with the potential to transform their lives – mood boosting strategies, ways to promote resilience, methods to learn and remember course content more effectively, and so much more.

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