Don’t Hate – Debate (and Vote)!

An all-day Kent State Teach-In (via Zoom) on Friday, Oct. 23 beginning at 10 a.m.


The coming election is important. Your vote is your voice and it’s essential that everyone’s voice be heard.

It’s also important to be an informed voter. But it can be hard  - and stressful - to sort through all the information, misinformation, PACs, bots, viral memes, toxic debate and inflamed rhetoric.

Join us online for an engaging, non-toxic and interactive Teach-In sponsored by the College of Communication and Information, the School of Peace and Conflict Studies and the Divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Teach-In topics will touch on many aspects of the elections, politics, political/social polarization and civil discourse.

Each segment will be about 15 minutes long (some longer, some shorter) and will have a 10-15 minute period afterward for your questions.