Hiring Process

After you finish training and if you are hired by TeleProductions, you will need to fill out the required forms and visit the Michael Schwartz Center before you can officially begin.

You will need: 

  • A checking account and a blank check for direct deposit
  • Your School District Number (for Tax Withholding Form)
  • Proof of identity: Drivers' License -or- Student ID and Social Security Card -or- Birth Certificate

Also, bring the following completed forms (Note: These forms can be found at the Michael Schwartz Center, but it is recommended that you fill them out and have them ready before you go.):

After you complete the forms:

  1. Go to the Campus Works website. Use your FlashLine login information.
  2. (Electronically) sign the Student Employment Certification Statement.
  3. Visit the Student Employment Office (room 261 in the Michael Schwartz Center). Bring your forms of ID (see above) and your completed paperwork to turn in.

The paperwork will take a few days to process. When it's finished, you'll be eligible to receive job offers. The job offer will arrive in your Kent State email account. You only have five days to electronically accept them. You will need to accept a job offer for each semester and summer. You will also receive job offers after each sports game you work on, or several will be grouped together into one job offer. These expire after five days as well.