"Peg's Foundation hosts events in different venues and we have worked with Kent State TeleProductions on several projects. They've managed our audio and video needs for several years. I have always been very pleased with Shane Roach and his crew's organization abilities, preparedness and how well they adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. Their methodical and efficient approach to details assures us that we will have the best possible production each time. Shane has unsurpassed knowledge of equipment needs and capabilities."

Victoria Romanda
Communications & Forum Coordinator
Peg's Foundation



"Before I started at TeleProductions I wasn’t even sure if I chose the right major. TeleProductions provided the guidance and hands-on learning experience I wanted while giving me the on-campus employment I needed. Working there gave me an edge. I graduated with a resume and demo reel that consisted of actual professional projects and not just student coursework. Working there was a highlight in my college experience and I would recommend it to all KSU students."

Kelly Thewlis
2010 Kent State Graduate


"Going to TeleProductions training was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at Kent State. I’ve learned so many invaluable skills that I would otherwise not have learned in classes, and I’ve met some amazing people that I know I will be in touch with long after I graduate. Film and TV majors: If you are looking to get professional, hands-on video production experience and be paid at the same time, this is the right place for you!"

Gracia Lu
2020 Kent State Graduate


"Working for TeleProductions has not only helped me get experience in the real world of video production, but it has also helped me gain contacts and friends in the field I am pursuing.  Working for the sports production side of TeleProductions has allowed me to work for ESPN and gain knowledge in replay, camera operations, switching, and much more.  The best thing about working for TeleProductions is how fast you can start.  I started training at the end of my freshman year, then next semester I started working full-time for football and volleyball games.  The sooner you start working, the more knowledge you will gain."

Carson Weinandy
2020 Kent State Student


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