Dan Tonelli Retires After Almost 40 Years at TeleProductions

Written By Stephanie Walton, Public Relations Assistant



Dan Tonelli, the Engineering Manager at Kent State University’s TeleProductions, is retiring at the conclusion of this semester after working almost 40 years at TeleProductions.


His job as Engineering Manager for TeleProductions encompassed being responsible for all the technical requirements of the department, ordering and making sure all the equipment works and is compatible, improving and making designs, and keeping the production truck updated and running, and being an all-around great guy.


“I've really enjoyed it, I've had 5 different positions at the department, so I've had a lot of different experiences. But, the thing that I really enjoy the most is working with the student employees here in the department,” said Tonelli. “That’s what I really get a kick out of, teaching them what I know and then watching them pick up on it.”


Tonelli has accomplished a lot at TeleProductions and he feels like he has grown as a person from his job.


"I'd have to say in terms of my best accomplishment, it was designing the production truck and supervising the construction of it," said Tonelli.


Lots of great memories surround Tonelli’s greatest accomplishment and the production truck changed the way TeleProductions works today.


"This department has a really long and proud tradition of doing really good work with the university and I'd like TeleProductions to continue carrying on that tradition," said Tonelli.


“TeleProductions is more than just a department, we’re a family. Dan retiring is going to change everyone’s day to day life,” said Shane Roach, Producer and Director at TeleProductions. “We’re going to miss him around here.”




POSTED: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 2:48pm
UPDATED: Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 11:41am
Stephanie Walton, TeleProductions Public Relations Assistant