Lights, Camera, Collaboration

Kayla Scalf

Lights, camera, action are used in every video project. For a recent project with TeleProductions collaboration was also a main component. In a video created for the first week of classes, Supplemental Instructors (SI) and TeleProductions collaborated to show students what SI was all about.

This fall, the Supplemental Instruction Program wanted to encourage more students to use their services. Supplemental Instruction is a tutoring service with sessions led by students who have received an A or A- in the class they are tutoring. These classes are typically classes that qualify as “historically difficult, 30% D, F, and withdrawal rate),” according to the SI Homepage.

Program coordinator, Stephanie Jain, says this video will help effectively communicate how Supplemental Instruction tutoring sessions can help students. Jain says that they used to have instructors give lengthy descriptions of the services provided, but thinks the video is a much better communication tool.

She described the difference by saying, “It actually provides an image of what SI is by showing footage of the mock sessions. It also includes all of the important information we try to share about our program.” Jain didn’t do all the collaborating. She had help from a student on this project.

Senior Communications major Kayla Scalf came to TeleProductions with a goal of creating a video to show students on their first days in these historically difficult classes. Scalf says, “The SI video has demonstrated a true feeling of what an SI setting is. It visualizes information in the most positive way for students at Kent State to understand the SI program.” By showing the video, Scalf hoped that they could leave with a better understanding of Supplemental Instruction and how the service could benefit them.

Senior TeleProductions student employee, Mike Weitzenhoffer really enjoyed working on the project, and particularly enjoyed the collaboration aspect. “It was an extremely validating experience to be able to create a (humbly) rather incredible product using the skills and vision we are individually developing here at Kent State,” Weitzenhoffer said soon after completing the project.

Both Scalf and Jain were incredibly thankful for the end product. Jain was especially excited, and has already received positive feedback on the project. Jain said, “It meaningfully and professionally conveys exactly what we need students to know about us. And I'm proud to be able to show it off!”

With everyone bringing what Weitzenhoffer called “a great mix of ideas and direction,” the final project was something both groups could be proud of. These few humble students were more interested in the success of the video than the pride in their project. Weitzenhoffer thought the video was able to show “a fun way to make sure you are succeeding as a student.” They all hope to see students use this information to get tutoring help through SI Sessions. 

For more information on SI Tutoring sessions, visit their website.

POSTED: Friday, August 29, 2014 10:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 10:01 AM
Lauren O'Kane