TeleProductions Says Goodbye to Fall Class of 2017 Seniors

Written By Stephanie Walton, TeleProductions Public Relations Assistant


TeleProductions is saying goodbye to three of its graduating student employees; Madison Bitzel, Susanne Ketchum, and Patrick Kern will be walking across the Kent State University stage this fall and into their new careers.


TeleProductions is an important aspect of these students’ college career because it gives them relevant work experience and will serve as a stepping stone into their career of choice.


All three graduating seniors have received the opportunity to work in many different aspects of production such as running camera, working audio, prompting for live events, switching for live events, running a video board, directing, editing, and much more.


Madison Bitzel is one of the three TeleProductions seniors who graduate this fall.


She is a digital media production major with a concentration in film and she hopes to pursue a career in video production; her dream job is to work in prime-time television.


Madison has worked with TeleProductions for around one year.


“The biggest benefit of working at TeleProductions has been the hands-on experience,” said Madison,I think the best way to learn anything is by doing it, and with TeleProductions you get that opportunity.”


Gaining confidence, knowledge, and personal growth is Madison’s biggest accomplishment in regard to TeleProductions.


Seeing her mentors’ (Mark, Josh, and Shane) passion about what they do has really helped motivated her to be passionate about it as well. “Not only have I learned so much from them, but I've also taught myself a lot,” said Madison, “Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.”


For students wanting to join TeleProductions, “I would just go for it. You won’t regret it,” said Madison, “Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate. If you are seriously considering joining TeleProductions, get involved as soon as possible.”


Susanne Ketchum, a TeleProductions senior, is another among those who will be graduating this fall.


She is a digital media production major and would like to work at a live-event production company after graduation. She would also like to start a production company of her own someday.


This is Susanne’s sixth semester working with TeleProductions.


“My time here has helped me to feel confident in a lot of different aspects of video production after coming in knowing absolutely nothing,” said Susanne, “I also discovered new interests, made new friends, and got a lot of free pizza.”


Susanne feels she has accomplished a lot through TeleProductions because she can remember a time when she thought she could never direct a show and she remembers thinking that she would never work in sports. Through TeleProductions, she has proved herself wrong and she is now willing to take on new opportunities.


“If anyone is interested in joining TeleProductions, my advice would be to get involved as soon as you can. Four years is shorter than you think, and the sooner you start, the more time you'll have to gain experience and learn new things,” said Susanne.


Patrick Kern, another TeleProductions senior, will also be graduating this fall.


He is a digital media production major with a concentration in film. He is unsure of the exact career path he wants to take after graduation but he is interested in audio and sound for both post-production film and live events.


Patrick has worked for TeleProductions for approximately two and a half years.


“TeleProductions was the first organization that I became involved with on campus. I learned a great deal in my first few years from working with them, from technical skills to work etiquette to creative vision. It was really the way I first got my feet wet in media production,” said Patrick.


His biggest accomplishment through TeleProductions is gaining the necessary experience to be a leader, specifically during events he works at.


For students looking to gain experience through TeleProductions, a word of advice, “Take your job seriously no matter what you are doing. You are creating the reputation that you will carry with you after you graduate,” said Patrick, “Seek to understand as much as you can. Cherish the relationships that you create.”


POSTED: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 12:47pm
UPDATED: Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 11:43am
Stephanie Walton, TeleProductions Public Relations Assistant