IN A FLASH: Leveling Up

Eric Taylor, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, leads a group of students in the wetland research area on the campus of Kent State University at Stark. The students are measuring the water table at wells of different depths and also testing water quality. 

The area serves as an outdoor learning and research classroom for students and faculty. It includes wetlands and a pond that was an original part of the Frank family farm purchased by Kent State University in 1967. The property was reestablished as an EPA-approved wetland research area in 2007, a revitalization project that included the addition of indigenous plants and wildlife, along with a gazebo and walking path.

Experiential learning outside of the classroom is part of every degree program at Kent State, providing opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in their careers. 

Kent State’s Regional Campuses offer bachelor’s degree, associate degree and certificate programs tailored to meet the needs of the communities they serve. 

Students testing the levels of the water table at Kent State University at Stark

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POSTED: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 10:35 AM
Updated: Monday, March 13, 2023 12:05 PM
Phil B. Soencksen