'Flying High' Fly-In for Global High School Counselors

Fifteen high school counselors from 11 different countries took part in the Office of Global Education’s (OGE) Counselor Fly-In event April 26 to learn more about Kent State University and its offerings.

Kent State is one of seven different universities that the counselors will visit in the United States in partnership with KIC UnivAssist, the organization that brought the counselors to campus.

Elly Styles from Office of Global Education Presenting at the Counselor Fly-In

The event started off with Elly Styles, assistant director of international admissions for the Office of Global Education, presenting the advantages that international students have when attending Kent State with its many awards and distinctions.

Afterward, the counselors toured the Kent Campus and participated in presentations that highlighted many of Kent State’s programs such as nursing, architecture, aeronautics and fashion. There were also presentations highlighting the student resources on campus, including the DI Hub, the Women’s Center and the University Library.

OGE’s hope with this event is to increase the university’s international enrollment. Currently, Kent State has students enrolled from nearly 100 different countries, but OGE wants to see that number continue to grow.

“We're hoping to increase our international enrollment, particularly from countries we don't see as much, like Mauritius,” said Sarah Sutter, international admissions counselor for the Office of Global Education. “But, we're always looking to increase diversity and get a variety of perspectives.”

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POSTED: Thursday, April 27, 2023 11:29 AM
Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2023 04:26 PM
Tanner Poe, Flash Communications