New Virtual Studying Resource for Parenting Students

The Center for Adult and Veteran Services adds new Parent Student Virtual Study Hours to resources

Parenting students have an entirely different experience on campus. Financial concerns, scheduling and access to childcare are just some of the issues parents on campus have to contend with. 

Kent State University’s Center for Adult and Veteran Services (CAVS) is providing a new resource for parenting students who are unable to leave their kids at home to study. Parent Student Virtual Study Hours take place every Tuesday at noon on Microsoft Teams for parents to study with others who share their experiences. 

“Virtual Study Hours on Teams is where parents can get together, work on some homework, organize themselves,” said Amber Thomas, graduate assistant for student services at the center. “Or ask me some questions about resources that we have here at CAVS and just talk to some parents who can relate to the experience they are having on campus.”  

Students at regional campus may also find this option helpful. 

In addition to the online option, the center provides in-person support on the Kent Campus. This year will be the center’s third year having family-friendly study hours at the Kent State Univerity Library.  

Family-friendly study hours location in the library with activity tables, toys and books.

Having access to someone with an understanding of your experience can have a great impact. 

“I always tell parenting students that even though I am not a parent, I can have empathy for the experience that they are going through,” Thomas said. “I’ve talked to a lot of parenting students, so I hear a lot of different stories.”   

The best way parenting students can get access to other resources would be by signing up for the parenting student newsletter. Every year, the center sends out an email that asks if a student is a parent. Clicking “yes” will keep them in touch with specific services, events and available resources.  

“So, for example, we have school supplies that they can take advantage of either for themselves or their children for free in our office at any time,” Thomas said. “Also, the Women’s Center is a great resource. These are all great offices that can have a big impact on parenting students.” 

Looking for service hours? Good news. The center is always looking for student volunteers for the in-person family-friendly study hours. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, volunteers are needed so parents have someone to just hang out with their kids while they study.  

Visit the Center for Adult and Veteran Services. 

POSTED: Friday, September 15, 2023 11:38 AM
Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 11:04 AM
Paul Burlinghaus, Flash Communications