The ERLI Scholars program provides the opportunity for scholars to; Explore, Research, and Learn through Inquiry with Faculty mentors at Kent State University. The goal is to pilot a cohort of scholars who have expressed interest in research, leadership, career development and/or graduate school.

ERLI Scholars Program Diagram

This program will begin during the academic year and focus on providing scholars an opportunity to connect with faculty and conduct research in an area of interest to them. The major emphasis here will be to begin in the spring with the Undergraduate Research Symposium serving as a pivotal culminating celebratory event with the ultimate goal of presenting in a subsequent year after completing summer research.

The ERLI Scholars program will include extended semester collaborations between a faculty mentor and an undergraduate scholar who work together to advance their field of study. The benefit of this relationship will be for scholars to gain early exposure to research, the faculty role, and specialized knowledge in their field. Scholars who are part of this program will attend a research methods seminar, as well as special topic seminars once a month in the spring. Additionally, they will receive programming that aids in their career and graduate school development. Finally, during the summer, scholars will participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE).