Upward Bound Math Science Staff

Sonya Y Williams

Sonya Williams
Executive Director
Upward Bound and Office of University Outreach and Engagement

Email: swilli78@kent.edu
Phone: (330) 672-8540

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Patricia RobinsonPatty Robinson
Upward Bound Health Professions and Upward Bound Math Science

Email: probin16@kent.edu
Phone: (330) 672-8685

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Headshot of Khalil Looney
Khalil Looney
Academic Program Coordinator
Upward Bound Math Science

Email: klooney4@kent.edu
Phone: (330) 672-8678

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Headshot of Matthew Cark

Matt Cark 
Graduate Assistant
Upward Bound Math Science

Email: mcark@kent.edu
Phone: (330) 672-2920

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