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Students, Keep Your Information Secure with KSUview

In an effort to meet the needs of the student, and to encourage a student to safeguard their FlashLine user name and password, KSUview provides a way for a student to identify a person as a designee and grant permission for a designee to view selected student information.

The student controls whom they identify as a designee and what items that designee can see. When the student selects the items that a designee can see, they are authorizing the designee to view the Web pages they see when they are viewing the information. The student is able to modify the permissions, set date ranges that the permissions are active and view a log of the most recent activity. See KSUview Designee Steps to guide you through the setup.

KSUview facilitates the ability for the student to allow someone to view only the information they choose. If the designee has questions about the information they are viewing, the designee should speak to the student. KSUview access does not grant the designee the authority to contact and discuss information with a university representative. The student would have to additionally grant the designee FERPA release access.

To begin the process of identifying a designee, the student should log into FlashLine and select the KSUView link under Student > Resources > Requests and Authorizations. Refer to the KSUView Guide for Students for assistance with the setup process.