Scholar Blends Art and Technology in Textiles and Fashion

September Scholar of the Month Margarita Benitez (second from right) analyzes a garment with her students in the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, in Rockwell Hall.

Scholar of the Month: Margarita Benitez
Assistant Professor, College of the Arts

Margarita Benitez is an assistant professor of fashion design in the Fashion School of the College of the Arts. Her interdisciplinary focus on interactivity in textiles and fashion blends art and technology, interface design, tangible computing, 3D, architecture and fiber and material studies.

Scholar Offers Relief With Pain Management Knowledge

Wendy Umberger, a professor in the College of Nursing, teaches a class in Henderson Hall. Umberger has been selected as Kent State’s Scholar of the Month.

Scholar of the Month: Wendy Umberger
College of Nursing

Wendy Umberger is a professor in the College of Nursing. Her program of research centers on the treatment and care of people experiencing chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP), psychological factors related to the pain experience, neuroendocrine and immune mechanisms in pain and inflammation, and the use of complementary therapies in pain management. 

Scholar Shares Knowledge, Trains Next Generation of Nurses

Ann Jacobson has been selected as Kent State University’s Scholar of the Month. Jacobson is a professor in the College of Nursing at Kent State.

Scholar of the Month
Ann Jacobson

College of Nursing

Ann Jacobson is a professor in the College of Nursing and a nationally recognized nursing scholar. Her program of research represents an integration of theories from a variety of disciplines and focuses on testing cognitive-behavioral and complementary therapies for people experiencing procedural pain and for those undergoing knee arthroplasty.

Capitalizing on Research: Scholar Shares Business Knowledge

Ran R. Barniv

In the photo, Ran Barniv writes out “The Effect of Goodwill” model. Barniv explains, “Transparency of goodwill is a major subtle and complex aspect of financial reporting. For example, a simplified model depicts the effect of goodwill on investors.”

Scholar of the Month
Ran R. Barniv
Professor of Accounting
College of Business Administration