College of Nursing

Forging new and innovative pathways in nursing research, Dr. Pamela Stephenson and Dr. Yvonne Smith of the Kent State University College of Nursing are contributing new knowledge to the fields of palliative care and spiritual uncertainty (Stephenson) and service by nurses on governing boards and online nursing education effectiveness (Smith). Working within their respective fields, both are active researchers and educators conducting funded research studies and disseminating their findings through publications, presentations, and classroom interactions.

When Davina Gosnell, Ph.D., first came to Kent State in 1979, she planned to stay for a few years to work with the founding dean of the nursing program, Linnea Henderson, whom she greatly admired. But, the best laid plans do change, and Davina ended up as a faculty member at Kent for 25 years, eventually being named dean of the College of Nursing herself.

Erin Hawley, of Medina, OH, was excited to have a taste of independence and make new friends at Kent State University. But what makes Hawley’s college experience extra special is that she is a member of the first class accepted to Kent State’s Career and Community Studies (CCS) Program post-pilot. Hawley is also the first CCS student to take nursing courses. As a senior, this fall she will continue to learn how to turn her desire to help others into a career.

Kimberly Cleveland standing in front of a statue of John MarshallCollege of Nursing faculty member, Kimberly Cleveland, JD, MSN, RN, C-MBC, lecturer, uses her combined passion for nursing and law to inspire students to be more aware of and involved in healthcare policy and the community.

Debra Thomas wanted to be a nurse to help people, but she was the one who ended up in need after two hurricanes hit her home in the Caribbean.

Kent State University College of Nursing honored more than 20 northeastern Ohio medical professionals, known as preceptors, at the Twelfth Annual Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Awards on Wednesday, April 11. Nominated by nursing students, faculty and staff, the award recognizes exceptional nurses, physicians and healthcare administrators for generously donating their time to mentor and train Kent State’s nursing students in clinical settings.

Photo of Dean Barbara BroomeAs a two-time alumna of this great institution, Kent State University College of Nursing holds a special place in my heart. For more than 50 years, Kent State College of Nursing has prepared the next generation of nurse leaders and what an exciting year 2017 was for us! Here are some of the highlights: