Post-Undergraduate Student Requirements

A post-undergraduate student has already earned a bachelor’s degree and wants to take additional undergraduate coursework at Kent State. If you received your bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and have not attended any other institution since leaving Kent State, you do not need to apply for admission; you can simply contact the One Stop for Student Services for current enrollment and registration information.

Admissions Criteria & Requirements

To apply to the Kent State University Kent Campus as a post undergraduate student, you should:

  • Have a bachelor's degree

  • Pay the $50 application fee

  • Submit transcripts from each college or university attended

  • Receive an official transfer credit evaluation

Application Materials

You should prepare the following items to submit to Kent State for consideration. Your application and all required materials must be submitted seven days before the start of the semester.

University Application

You should apply as a post undergraduate if you have received a baccalaureate degree from a college or university, yet wish to take additional undergraduate courses. There are two types of post undergraduate applicants:

  • Post undergraduate degree seeking applicants – individuals interested in seeking an additional bachelor’s degree.
  • Post undergraduate non–degree seeking applicants – individuals just interested in taking additional undergraduate coursework.

The application is divided into multiple sections to allow you the option of completing the application in one session or in multiple sessions. Click the "Finish Later" button to save portions of the application you have already completed.

To return to complete the application at a later time, just enter your Login and PIN.

To check your application status, click the "Check the Status of an Existing Application" button found on this page. Remember you will need your original Login and PIN to securely check your status.


Submit Your Final Transcripts. If you had in-progress coursework or have completed additional classes since your initial transcript was submitted, forward your final transcripts to the Admissions Office.

For your transcript to be considered official, it must be sent directly from a school official. School officials may submit your transcript using a secure electronic provider, email ( or mail. 

If mailed, please use the address below:

    Admissions Office
    Kent State University
    P.O. Box 5190
    Kent, OH 44242-0001

Returning to Kent State?

If you’ve taken classes at Kent State University in the past, excluding coursework taken during high school or after graduating high school, you might not need to apply for admission. Read more here.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Transfer Center will post an official transfer credit evaluation after admission is complete. A Transfer Credit Evaluation is a report of how your credits transferred from your previous school(s) and is provided to all transfer students. You will receive an email notification in your email account once your Transfer Credit Evaluation is complete. To access your report, log in to your FlashLine account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Student category on the left, then expand the Resources section. Next, click on Advising and GPS.
  2. In the Advising and GPS section, click on GPS Audit and Plan. A new window will open.
  3. On the left side of the page, under the GPS Audits tab, click on What-If.
  4. Under the What-If blue bar, choose the following options in the corresponding drop-down boxes:
    1. Level: Undergraduate
    2. Degree: Transfer Articulation
    3. Catalog: your catalog year
  5. Above the What-If blue bar, click the Process What-If button.
  6. Your transfer evaluation will open.
  7. If you have trouble accessing your FlashLine account, call 330-672-HELP for assistance.

Next Steps