Kent State Welcomes Students from Notre Dame College

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Kent State is committed to supporting Notre Dame College through the Teach-Out plan. We recognize the difficulty that students face when transitioning from one campus to another and we want to make this process as smooth as we can.

If you’re a Notre Dame College student interested in transferring to Kent State University, you should expect the following:

  • No application fee is required.
  • KSU will provide an expedited review of transcripts for credit evaluation.
  • Guaranteed admission with 2.5 GPA; consideration above 2.0 for Kent Campus applicants. Guaranteed admission at Regional Campuses regardless of GPA.
  • Transfer staff will be available to provide 1:1 support.
  • Eligible for transfer merit scholarships.
  • Eligible for institutional need-based aid programs such as Flashes Go Further and other institutional scholarships.
  • Scholarship and financial aid counseling will be provided in-person or virtually through the Kent State Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center.
  • Personal enrollment coaches will assist with the transition to Kent State.

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Teach-Out Programs

Kent State University offers many of the programs Notre Dame College students were pursuing. As your academic journey transitions to a new phase, you'll find nearly 50 bachelor's degrees, associate degrees or certificates to choose from, as well as eight graduate degree programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course and Program Transfer Questions

For all questions about transferring courses and programs, including questions about transcripts, credits and program offerings, visit this page here.

Application Process Questions
  • Do I have to apply to Kent State University?
  • Am I required to pay an application fee?
    • No, as a Notre Dame College student, you may apply for free by using fee waiver code NDC2KSU.
  • Will all my academic credits from Notre Dame College automatically transfer to Kent State?
    • Kent State will evaluate all courses at the undergraduate and graduate level to transfer into the university. Courses may be applied toward major requirements or transfer as elective courses.
  • Does Kent State offer my major/program of interest?
    • Kent State offers most of the majors available at Notre Dame College. A list of similar majors can be found here.
Financial Aid and Cost Questions
  • Will I pay the same (or less) cost at Kent State that I paid at Notre Dame College?
    • Kent State offers a variety of merit-based scholarships and need-based awards to help students pay for college. Kent State will make every effort to provide a comparable cost.
  • Will Kent State honor my existing scholarship awards from Notre Dame College?
    • No, Kent State will not honor existing scholarship awards, but each student will be eligible for merit and/or need-based aid.
  • Does my FAFSA automatically transfer over to Kent State from Notre Dame College?
    • No, you will need to complete the 2024-25 FAFSA if you have not already, or you may return to your FAFSA and add Kent State University as a recipient using school code 003051.
Athletics Questions
  • What are my options to be a student-athlete at Kent State University?
    • Notre Dame College student-athletes have the same opportunity to transfer to Kent State University and participate in any of our 19 varsity athletic programs as all transfers. Your next steps:
      1. Ensure you have properly entered your name in the NCAA Transfer Portal Database to communicate with a Kent State University coach.
      2. Once you are in the NCAA Transfer Portal, you may direct your questions and conversations regarding roster spots, scholarships and eligibility to your respective varsity sport coach at Kent State. Coaches have the final decision regarding roster additions.
Campus Life Questions
  • Is on-campus housing an option for transfer students?
    • Yes, Notre Dame College students would be eligible to sign up for on-campus housing or choose to live off-campus.
  • Does Kent State offer disability-related academic accommodations for students?
    • Yes! If you need disability-related academic accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 330-672-3391, or, or visit their webpage at
  • Where can I connect with Catholic or other faith-based student organizations?
  • Does Kent State have a marching band and can I participate?
    • Yes! Kent State has a thriving marching band community, and we are completing renovations on a new indoor practice facility. If you are interested to learn more, visit