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Academic advising is an important part of the college experience. At Kent State University, advising is an ongoing partnership between students and advisors that begins during the first semester and runs through graduation. Advising supports the teaching and learning mission of the University by helping students understand the value of achieving their educational goals. Our undergraduate academic advisors work with undergraduate students to connect their personal strengths and interests with their academic and life goals.


To find the advising office for your college or campus, search College Advising Contacts below.

College Advising Contacts

Placement for Incoming Students | Academic Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement | Search Majors and Degrees |
Dr. Terry Kuhn Distinguished Advising Award | Your KSU Guide to FYE Online Course Materials


Advising is the Key to Success

Advising plays an essential role in helping students formulate sound educational and career plans based on their interests, abilities and academic classification. Meeting with an advisor can help you:

  • Transition to university life
  • Choose classes
  • Decide on a major
  • Provide suggestions or referrals if you are having trouble in a class
  • Assist you in using Kent State systems, such as GPS and FlashLine
  • Explore internships, study abroad and other valuable opportunities
  • Plan and determine eligibility for graduation



Expectations of a Student and Advisor Relationship

The relationship between an academic advisor and student is one of shared responsibility. While students are ultimately responsible for the choices they make in college, Kent State University knows that in order to make informed decisions and stay on track towards graduation, students need the assistance of advisors in order to realize their full potential. Students are expected to come prepared to their advising appointments. In order to do so, it is important for students to understand what is expected of them, as well as what they should expect from their academic advisor.

Year To Year Expectations



For undergraduate students, your date to register is determined by the total number of earned credit hours and registered credit hours in progress. Earned credit hours include all earned Kent State University coursework and all accepted external coursework. The steps below will help you meet your graduation goal.

1. Schedule and complete your advising appointment.  This should be done PRIOR to your designated date.
2. Check your Registration Status page under your Student Tools & Courses tab in Flashline to determine your date to register. Your registration status is subject to change, so please check your Registration Status page often.
3. Got 15? Register and successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each semester.

Find Your Time To RegistER



Got 15? encourages students to complete their degree on time. The benefits of successfully completing at least 15 credit hours per semester saves time, money, and increases post graduation options (graduate school & earning potential). Most bachelor's degrees at Kent State University require at least 120 credits to complete, so if students want to finish their associate degree in two years or bachelor’s degree in four years, they are strongly encouraged to take a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester.

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